Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Support the Victory Missions Move to Broadway

I feel the move of Victory Mission to the old Fosters Nursing Home building is a positive event for the northside. It removes a major disincentive for Commercial Street development which sat directly in the center of this project. This will allow some of the stigma of Commercial Street to disappear as the former shelters are put to other uses.

That the neighbors should raise objections is a fact of life but the building has always served the poor as a nursing home and as a youth detention center (guess what folks there were sex offenders living there already!). To use the schools as a foil is downright slanderous. They are implying that the poor are all pedeophiles who cant wait to get their children. Forgetting that the current shelter is only a few blocks away and if they wanted their kids they could already have them. Get a life!


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