Tuesday, May 23, 2006

An Anarchist Credo

Found the following while surfing and thought I would share:

Larry Gambone

· Anarchism is not terrorism or
violence and anarchists do not
support, aid or sympathize with
terrorists or so-called liberation

· Anarchism does not mean
irresponsibility, parasitism,
criminality, nihilism or
immoralism, but entails the
highest level of ethics and
personal responsibility.

· Anarchism does not mean
hostility toward organization.
Anarchists only desire that all
organizations be voluntary and
that a peaceful social order will
only exist when this is so.

· Anarchists are resolute anti-statists
and do not defend either
‘limited states’ or ‘welfare’ states.

· Anarchists are opposed to all
coercion. Poverty, bigotry,
sexism and environmental
degradation cannot be
successfully overcome through
the State. Anarchists are
therefore opposed to taxation,
censorship, so-called affirmative
a c t i o n and government

· Anarchists do not need
scapegoats. Poverty and
environmental destruction are
not ultimately caused by
transnationals, IMF, the USA, the
‘developed world’, imperialism,
technology or any other devil
figure, but are rooted in the
power to coerce. Only the
abolition of coercion will
overcome these problems.

· Anarchism does not posit any
particular economic system but
only desires that the economy be
non-coercive and composed of
voluntary organizations.

· Anarchists are not utopians or
sectarians, but are sympathetic to
any effort to decrease statism and
coercion and the replacement of
authoritarian relations withvoluntary ones.


Blogger Ned Swing said...

I think that's rubbish. I'm sorry. but anarchism is not an ethical code. Anarchism is the sum of beliefs and the movement of different people with different ethical standards. It aint Christianity... I hope.

Also, I'd much rather live in some bollocks pinko-welfare state than in neo-liberal "fight or die" land. Fighting for welfare and healthcare and what have you is the same as fighting wage cuts - welfare is a social wage.

-Ned Swing

12:18 PM  
Blogger Carla Wakefield said...

All in all... if you are local... Check us out http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Artichoke/274750339320024

9:02 AM  

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